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Effective modes of Communication

All those who communicate, debate, argue, fight and so on, on social media and text-based media, might be well served to look up Dr. Albert Mehrabian's UCLA study of 1972. And while all might dispute the % figures mentioned here, they're worth considering and checking them in your own real-life experiences. Mehrabian found out that Communication is: 7% - Words (that's all you get when text alone is used) 38% - Tone, tonality, decibel level, etc. (voice added) 55% - Body language (voice and sight added) So, appropriate communication needs the 3 Vs - Verbal, Vocal and Visual. And let me demonstrate that with a simple example: What do you get when you read the words "I am depressed!" Now think of the same words, "I am depressed!" and hear them in the happiest tone you can think of. And now add the physiology of a person who completely displays something different to the words being spoken! That is the power of the Visual and the Vocal. So, the best way to communicate - in person The second best way to communicate - video / visual The third best way to communicate - audio The fourth and least effective way of communication - text, email, chat Don't take my word for it. Now that you have read this, now access the audio here: So, you will get the words and the vocal

And then access the Video here: And you will get the verbal, vocal and the visual!

And of course, if I were in your presence, the experience is even more wholesome, because all senses are used in that kind of interaction.

So, be aware of what you want to communicate and to whom and choose appropriately. Have a great life!

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