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A good, positive start to the day - consciously developing a routine and creating an attitude of "positivity, gratitude and kindness" - is extremely useful. It makes one's day more peaceful, happy and healthier. And what is the reason for this? The proportion of neurological networks in the human brain is about 5:1 (84% : 16%) in favour of the negative - an evolutionary trait. In many ways, being negative is the predominant and easy process. Counterintuitively, even understanding this makes the change to an appropriate balance of positivity & negativity possible! And why? How else does it affect us? What can we do? The negative neurological orientation is an evolutionary trait - duconstant fears that threatened existence. Hence better to mistake the rope for a snake! Given present environment, uful to reconsider those traits and develop new ones that are better suited to today. Studies show, amongst other things, that

  1. Just a few minutes of negative news (or thinking) in the morning can negatively affect the entire day.

  2. Negativity lasts far longer than positivity does.

  3. A few minutes of solutions focused activity (or positivity) can alter the day dramatically for the better.

Given that, introspect on what you are consuming in terms of information (more likely misinformation) in mainstream and social media. And the general trends twhat exist - negativity abounds and it takes a conscious effort to find positivity. What can you do to make your life positive? How can you become more positive? Being negative is easy! Requires awareness and conscious effort to balance positivity & negativity appropriately. Useful to actively reduce negativity and increase positivity. Mainstream and social media are probably the biggest contributors of negativity today! I have a simple process that I have been following which has made my life that much better over the past few years:

  • Stopped watching TV news channels & TV serials.

  • Unfollow anyone on social media, after 3 posts with a negative orientation. This is regardless of political, religious, geographical or any such issue - does not matter who they are!

  • Ignore and not respond to any comment or question that is not positively oriented.

Yes, there is more - and to some these might seem like an "over-reaction." And I still get to know what is useful for me to know about the world. Remember: Starting the day consciously and with awareness about being positive has the potential to make the entire day better. So, What else can one do? What is most beneficial? And why? After reducing unwanted negativity, on to enhancing positivity, through the day.

  • Begin the day with gratitude - maintain a gratitude journal. Write down 3 (or more) things that you are grateful for in your life.

  • State positive affirmations, with sincerity and conviction. Some of the most powerful are:

  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

  • Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

  • I am confident and self-assured.

  • I am the best I can be in each moment.

  • The Universe is a friendly place filled with kindness, love, compassion and joy.

  • All is well.

(If you'd like specific affirmations, for you l, these can be identified with a few questions being answered - reach out if you wish to.) Repeating the affirmations 21 times in succession in the morning can alter the chemical balance, create new neurological pathways, and prime you for a great day!

  • Thank at least one person sincerely. Call your friends and thank them. Speak to them! Even better, meet them and tell them. In today's world, use video calling if needed. Thanking has the additional benefit of adding positivity to another person!

  • Help someone, preferably a stranger - You will be the greatest beneficiary.

  • Through the day, use 1 minute every hour, and BREATHE in alignment to a positive affirmation. Inhalation and exhalation timed to the affirmation, can alter your mental state, make you more positive and truly healthier.

And those are also the reasons for ensuring that my messages are focused on the positive - to do my bit in terms of adding positivity, the best I can. Thank you!

#Positivity #Happiness

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