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Love the haters!

Being loving towards those who are kind and compassionate is easy! Loving lovable and loving beings is easy! Similarly, hating despicable behaviour, or hating the haters, is easy!

And both of these might require no personal growth or effort! And more often than not, occur naturally. We're born with the ability to differentiate kindness from unkindness. I have written about it earlier and here's a link to a video that might be helpful to understand this.

Loving all, especially those not so easy to love, requires awareness, introspection, a conscious focus on kindness, love and acceptance. Being otherwise (Loving the haters) is what requires introspection, thinking, slowing down and acting. And certainly not easy for everyone except an infinitesimally small number of people. There's a theory that only 0.4% population are so - they love unconditionally. And this 0.4% actually balances to a great extent the negativity of the other 99.6%

And this approach is likely to inspire others. And loving those whom it's really not easy to love is not a sign of weakness, cowardice, escapism or delusion; rather it is a sign of great mental, emotional and spiritual strength!

Remember: there's no difference in hateful behaviour across denominations - sex, religion, geography, politics, caste, creed, orientation etc. It's the innate behaviour of that being. It's descriptive of a lack of self-love and self-acceptance. They hate because they've not been loved truly. They hate because they've never felt loved. Hating then for their hateful behaviour only reinforces their sense of righteousness that their hate is justified. And enhances their hateful behaviour.

Counterintuitively, and quite difficult for almost everyone other than those who are truly evolved, and truly kind and loving to live these "despicable and hateful beings!"

And that's the kind of behaviour which will arrest the spread of hate. Worthwhile to emulate such loving and kind behaviour. Even if one doesn't agree, thinking a little more on this might help.

#Love #Hate #Awareness

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