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Stay focused, achieve excellence!

I came across this TEDx Talk by Marvin Chun. I suggest that you may consider taking the 20 minutes needed to watch this video, preferably with a 100% focus. It might be useful to practice the SILSA which I have written about, to help have this focus. Do the SILSA, stay 100% Focused

Of course, Marvin’s talk is backed up by research and data that he, and others, have done.

Personal Effectiveness is a pet topic for me, inspired by Kichu Krishnan. Personal Effectiveness is also almost always 1 of the Top 5 Priorities that clients identify in their “Goal Identification Process” that comes right at the beginning of our Happiness Coaching assignments. Based on data gathered over the last 7 years as a full time coach, this is by far the most important aspect that comes up for clients.

And rightly so because only when a person is able to manage their personal effectiveness, can they aspire or hope to do anything about all the other things in their lives.

Marvin talks about 3 things to enhance focus and achieve more. At the cost of sounding like I am bragging, these echo what we (Kichu, I and others in our circle of coaches) have found in working with people over many years.

1. Simplify 2. Relax 3. Unitask (do only one thing at a time, with 100% focus)

1. Simplify

Simplification requires the following:

  • Understand what REALLY matters, which leads to

  • Clarity of goals and purpose, along with

  • Clarity regarding values, that enables

  • Prioritisation, which results in

  • Appropriate use of time energy and other resources, which helps in

  • Simplifying life!

It is obvious that each of the items listed are by themselves worthy not just of an article, and an entire series of books on them – which has already been done by many people.

2. Relax

It is possible to relax using some simple techniques. Two of the biggest obstacles to relaxation are:

  • Anger (almost always about the past)

  • Fear (always about the future)

Most of the obstacles or problems that people experience in their lives with fall into the two big buckets of Anger and Fear.

I have written brief articles on both these here:

Understanding Anger