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Be grateful for, and do anything willingly

January 21, 2018

Do things because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to!


Why do I do whatever I do? This is a question worth asking, often and with awareness. The manner in which one internalises WHY they do WHAT they do, makes a huge difference to HOW they do it.


Let’s take two examples that are very common:

  1. Cooking (Oh! every day! cooking!)

  2. Working for money (Oh! I have to work for my family!)

For all those who do the cooking. Time and again, I come across people who complain that they “have” to cook “every day” and that there is “no respite.” And most make it to be as though it is a chore, and an imposition on them. And some even make disparaging remarks about those whom they cook for and how they don’t help and the like.


For those who are the “breadwinners” – they complain that they are sacrificing a lot, and putting themselves to a great deal of trouble to provide the best for their families – that that have to compromise on a lot of things in the process, not the least their personal wishes, dreams and the like. And some, maybe even a majority, take on a very condescending and patronis