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Happiness is within!

Decide to be happy. It is in your mind! Of course that sounds whacky to some! And if so, read on. If you agree that Happiness is in your mind, read on still. :) Happiness isn't an "if this, then that" deal. As long as one continues to think that they need "this" (having, doing) to have "that" (Happiness) very likely that one isn't going to be truly happy. And what is the reason? In the IFTT (If This Then That) thinking, happiness is placed outside of oneself. And is actually ceding control of one's happiness and wellbeing to an external source. And in the long run that is what leads to you not leading your own life!

There are basic necessities that every being needs to live - food, water, air. Everything else, including clothing and shelter are "nice to haves" and not absolutely necessary to live life, or to even be happy. The word "digambara" comes to mind - both the monks from the Jain tradition and the Sanskrit word which is a combination of two words: dig (directions) and ambara (sky), referring to those whose garments are of the element that fills the four quarters of space. It might also be worthwhile to understand that everything else, makes life easier, not necessarily happier.

So, let's come back for a bit to the "IFTT" thinking about happiness. If I require a car to be happy, once I have the car, I might need a better, bigger, faster, more luxurious car to remain happy. And so on - car, house, possessions, position, wealth, the list could be endless! (Disclaimer: this is not to say that one must not aspire to do more - it is about the perils of wanting more in order to be happy!)

And the reason for the IFTT is also neurological and the biochemicals involved with these experiences. Maybe therefore, it might be worthwhile to understand that happiness is different from pleasure - and this is true at the neurological level even. IFTT is about pleasure. The neural circuits, the biochemicals and the processes associated with pleasure and for happiness are very different. And this leads to totally different conditions being present in the body - which actually has been proven by research as well - that happy people are healthy. They are not happy because they are healthy; they are healthy because they are happy. So, being happy has a very big physical bonus benefit as well.

Whilst popular science will have us believe that everything has a cause and an effect, the truth might be slightly different. Most physical ailments are psychosomatic - they begin in the "psyche" (thinking) and are manifested as outwardly visible results in the "soma" (body). More on that later, and in a separate article - suffice to say that there is data that backs this claim up. And the truth is that your health also, is in your own hands. And regardless of the state of your health, you can decide to stay happy.

So, some of the material things that we "desire" in life might be expensive or difficult to obtain. And as long as we desire these to become happy, chances are, we won't be!I t's not what's on the table, and whom you're sharing it with, that makes a meal memorable. Decide to be happy. The truth is, the things that are really important, and matter to most of us, are absolutely free - love, joy, kindness, acceptance, laughter, family and friends. So, keep smiling and your chin up, share time with those whom you love to share time with, tell those who matter how much they mean to you. Give loved ones a hug! Thank them. Love them. Tell them. And last but not the least, KEEP THE FAITH - in YOURSELF! Remember: You are a good person!


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