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Flip the switch, become happy, happier, happiest!

This actually makes a lot of sense; most of this is counter intuitive….. and yes. it works. A lot of research has gone into this and they have found out that the best ways to become happier are:

1. Pray (not necessarily “religious”) – and certainly not for something; be in the moment of prayer – of gratitude for what you have, rather than what you want! A prayer is a wish. So even if it’s for something you want, state it in the positive.

2. Meditate – truly meditate, being aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just observing, not being judgmental, and observing. In a non – attached manner.

3. Laugh – like nobody’s watching! Good, clean humour is uplifting. Laugh, and not at someone or their misfortunes, and WITH THEM. And laugh for what one has. And yes, laughing at one’s own self is useful, as long as its not self-depreciation. And never laugh to make another feel less about themselves. Good, clean, humour, is useful. Else just laugh, and laugh and you will get into it.

4. Contribute to making someone else’s life a little happier – its true – when you are feeling down, the BEST thing you can do is to stop thinking about how bad life is, and go out and make someone else’s life a little happier!

5. Play with your pet – dogs are BEST for this. Cats come second. That’s based on data and research and not my personal opinion. Cat lovers, please excuse.

6. Exercise – take a brisk walk; go punch a bag; climb stairs, swim, whatever – best to get some fresh air while you are at it. Of course, golfing is great

7. Smile – Keep smiling, keep looking up, and keep the faith – in anything that you believe is the greatest power, again not meant here in a religious way – does not matter if one is an atheist, theist or an agnostic – keep the faith in any power that you believe is more powerful than you are! Maybe it’s love, honesty, kindness, the sun, nature, the Universe, whatever it is that you believe to be greater than you are.

Stay happy, stay blessed, stay safe. And yes, keep smiling.


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