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What is love? Or hate? Focus on self & grow!

This is an exchange that took place between a Client and me, on WhatsApp and phone. This took place a while ago. I requested the Client’s permission to share this exchange, with others, in an article. I mentioned to them that there were some messages in this exchange that I thought might be useful for others as well. And the Client accepted and acceded to my request. Hence, with gratitude to my client, and to the Universe, I share these messages.

Client: Request you to pray for me to accept whatever is happening now, in my life, with humility.

Cheenu: I will. And I’ll pray and request that the Universe send as much strength as is possible to you.

A suggestion though, without asking you about the details of the situation you are in, I suggest that asking yourself a simple question might be useful, “Is this the best use of my time and talent in this planet?” And while you are at it, affirm to yourself, “I trust the Divine Universe and its plan for me.”

Client: In the past few months my partner’s behaviour to me has changed a lot.

Cheenu: In what way?

Client: Initially it was irritation in whatever I do. I tried my level best to understand what was expected of me. Now, I am being completely ignored. I did not have a clue as to what is happening. Every little thing about me seems to be found annoying. I do not know what to do, or what not to do. What can I do for them?

Cheenu: Nothing. Let them work things out. You focus and work on yourself

Cheenu: The message sent yesterday from my Whatsapp, is probably a message for all of us.

Be Selfish, totally selfish!

Even though those words were typed out by my fingers, they’re quite pristine to be “mine!” sharing, with gratitude and humility.

A thought that came to me, as always from the ever benevolent Universe

Be selfish! Focus only on oneself! Forget and disregard everything and everyone else!

Be selfishly focused totally on one’s own growth to being a person with total and all-encompassing integrity, honesty, kindness and compassion!

And when that’s done, nothing and none else will matter, which is probably one definition of selfishness, for then, one becomes the true replica of the all giving, ever loving, powerfully benevolent Universe! So, go ahead, be selfish!

Cheenu: If I don’t like someone, I’ll find a lot of things to complain about. Conversely, if I like someone, I’ll find things to appreciate. It’s about perspective. Don’t bother too much about that. It is a phase and they are going through their own journey.