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Am I driving my life looking into the rear view mirror?

April 19, 2016


To set the background, let me mention a couple of very common examples:

There are a few things that I have heard people say often:

  • My husband or wife (could be boss too) does not understand me. S/he has never ever listened to me. S/he did this then, and then again, she did this at this time etc.

  • Whatever I try, s/he has never ever understood what it means to me, and that I expect something else.”

  • I know that s/he will not understand me. It has always been like that with this person.

  • Nothing I do, ever seems to please this person.

  • All my life, it has been this way!

This could be with regard to any relationship involving relative or friend; most common ones that come up are

  • wife and husband

  • In laws

  • boss and subordinate

  • friends

  • and last but certainly not the least, Self (yes, we all have a relationship with our own selves as well)

So what does all this have to do with “driving my life, looking into the rear view mirror?” maybe the question. And so, let me take the analogy of driving a vehicle that has rear view mirrors, and compare it with living one’s life.

In a vehicle, there are 3 main areas that a “driver” needs to focus on:

  1. Seei