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Do the SILSA and Stay in the moment with 100% focus

Do the SILSA and Stay in the moment, with 100% focus

I have been practicing something called “Clearing of the emotional space” which helps me stay 100% focused on the activity I am performing. I started this initially when I started my client coaching sessions. Now, I practice this at all times, as part of my preparation to doing anything.

While it was a little unclear when I started using this method, over time, and with continued usage, I have been able to refine it and also to put some meaning in to what makes it work so beautifully, and effectively.

The background is simple:

At any point in time, every person has many thoughts going on within them. Some of these thoughts we are aware of, and most of them, we are unaware of. Regardless, ALL of these thoughts have the ability to, and in fact MOST CERTAINLY affect our ability to be in a fully resourced state and “in the moment” at all times.

The SILSA acronym is simple; just like SALSA music or the sauce has the potential to make one extremely happy!

S = Scan the thoughts running in the background and in the foreground

I = Identify thoughts about situations, emotions, feelings that could come in the way

L = Label the emotion, feeling being experienced

S = Set aside for a specific duration (End of session, until this date & time, etc.)

A = Affirm to stay focused 100%, 100% of the time, for a specific duration identified

It is very useful to practice this aloud initially, and following the process. Initially it is likely to take a bit of time.

Some further tips on the process:

  • Scan – Useful to speak the words out aloud initially

  • I am scanning my (head / brain / mind / thoughts) to see what could come in the way of me being 100% present for _______________

  • Identify the thoughts and situations – again aloud

  • I fear (worried) about the new proposal that needs to be submitted being done well

  • I am angry with person ____ since they have not fulfilled their promise

  • I am ecstatic that I have achieved something that I thought difficult

  • Label – Useful to identify, as closely as possible, the TRUE emotion that is being felt BECAUSE of a certain event or situation – useful to say:

  • “I am worried” rather than saying, “I am not alright”

  • “I am sad” rather than saying “I am feeling bad”

  • “I am irritated / angry” rather than saying “I am upset”

  • Set aside with reasons for setting it aside, and set aside for a specific duration:

  • “Though I am afraid about the proposal being good, right now it does not help me to think about it. I am CHOOSING to keep this aside for the next 60 minutes that I intend being in this activity of ________”

  • Normally one would say, I am setting it aside. However, the unconscious mind, that processes all of this, and the emotions, does not understand for how long and the reason. It is extremely powerful, and once the reason for setting aside and the specific duration for setting it aside is given, it fulfills the request!

  • Repeat steps 2 to 4 (Identifying, Labelling, Setting aside) until all thoughts that could come in the way of being 100% present are actively set aside.

  • Affirm actively, having set aside all of these thoughts:

  • Having set aside all of these thoughts that MIGHT have come in the way of me being 100% present, 100% of the time, I am now CHOOSING to be 100% present, 100% of the time for the next ______ time period, duration of session etc.

I’ve had great benefit accruing to me when I do this at the beginning of almost everything that I do – sleeping, golfing, motorcycle riding, writing an email, sharing time with my wife, children, family or friends.

The operative parts of SILSA are actually the ILS & A for different reasons.

The Identification of thoughts, Labelling the Emotion as accurately and finely as possible, and Setting it aside, helps one “stay resourced” and to see the problem for what it really is, without the emotions that are associated with it.

Affirming that one will stay 100% focused, 100% of the time, helps focus all energies and resources most effectively, and helps greatly in resolving the situation.

As Ken Blanchard says, there is all good and no down side from such an exercise. A person either breaks even, or makes a profit!

So, do the SILSA, stay in the moment, stay happy, focused and smiling!

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